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Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

4 modified adhesive dispensers AGR/1K was launched in April in one of the largest producers of granulated rubber wheels for disposal in Poland.


The investment was made after thorough testing the quality of the test batch. The expected result is approximately 30% savings of glue during the manufacturing process.


Installed devices for precise dispensing allows application of polyurethane adhesive rubber granulate under stirring resulting in a uniform coating of the adhesive.


Control of the dose, reproducible and adjustable dosing time allow you to reduce the amount of adhesive keeping the required quality of products.


Applicators AGR/1K together with a modified version of the glue heads type LK3 become a solution to the problems of quality and the source of significant savings cost of raw materials for the investor.




Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

Our new device type AGR/1K to precise application of adhesive was tested for accuracy and repeatability.

We obtained dosing accuracy of +/- 5 g and repeatability of 0,5% for a dose of approximately 1 kg of adhesive dispensed in a continuous manner for about 60 seconds !!!

This result allows using the device wherever it is important to provide accurate, a repetitive dose of glue.

It is ideally suited for the production of recycled rubber granules articles.

Used special piston pumps allows working of a wide range adhesives with different viscosities.

We can adjust performance to customer needs and provide communication between gluing device and an existing production line.



Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

From 01.06.2015 companies REYNOX and EKOLOGIKA, operating in the sector of industry equipment for the application of adhesives official start business as a Consortium.

We combine our efforts in order to support and speed up development of both companies and provide better service to customers from the whole Polish and foreign markets.

Together we are equipping Production Plant in Leźno, and we invest in the continuous development of new products. 

Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

The new automatic line EKO-PATH-LK1300 is already running. The unit is dedicated to the application PVAc adhesive to glue on wood-based panels.

The adhesive is applied by a set of 24 glue heads type LK2 that can pour glue in the form of a straight line or sinusoid.

Each of the heads LK is controlled independently, and the operator can choose in the program how many paths should be applied to the surface of the panel.

There is a possibility to define and save 16 work programs.

The maximum width of bonded material 1200 mm.

The device is fitted with an automatic system for protection against adhesive dries on the glue nozzles.


Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

Launch of a new version of the spraying glue application line. 

The use of the feeder working range was fixed.  The machine can work in the 5-16 m/min. range.

The width range of glued materials was increased to 200 mm.

The changes into the program were introduced, among others, the division of manageable parameters of working programs into two categories with separate access codes.

The material drive inside the spraying cabin was modified which considerably limited the maintenance.

A ‘setting mode’ was introduced, allowing the employee to regulate the distribution of glue during work. It considerably shortens setting time of the device.

Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

LK pouring head specified for polyurethane glues has been tested for various types of pressure occurring during work.

Excellent results were obtained for the cut-off of the glue stream for the 5 bars and 140 bars material pressure alike.

LK heads can be joined into sets in which every element can be controlled independently or simultaneously with the others. It provides the opportunity to configure the width of glue stream application for any wide surface.

Maszyny do kleju Ekologika

The activation of a high-efficiency automatic line for gluing of bath and kitchen sponges.

A low-pressure polyurethane glue spraying application was employed.

Work speed 14 linear meter/min. Glue efficiency circa 70g/m2. Spray on the sponge or fibre.

We design EcoLogically!

The device works in the air circulation system, triple filtration enables work without the discharge of the impurities outside.

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