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Manual adhesive applicators

 Pneumatic gun AR20 is an applicator dedicated for applying glue in the form of paths. It is equipped with a replaceable nozzles so you can adjust the dosage of glue to the width of the material. The applicator is suitable for the polyurethane adhesives on a  flat surfaces.

 Devices for spray or paths application of polyurethane glue. Ability to connect manual applicator or special table for applicator. Simple, reliable and perfect for the start of production. Viewing in the production of mattresses, bath and kitchen sponges, laminated wood construction, insulation panels, doors, etc. 

 Pressure vessels in sets with HVLP guns. Suitable for applying one component adhesives of low viscosity.

 PFOHL Glue Applicator, the best tool for manual application of polyurethane and solvent adhesives on the wide flat surfaces. A special solvent-proof, rust-brown  "Moss Rubber Roller", can be repeatedly cleaned with solvents.

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